Fountain Riding and Roping Club

           Horses, fun, and family;
the Western way, since 1969

About FRRC

About FRRC

Fountain Riding and Roping Club was founded in 1969, by thirteen families of riding enthusiasts from Fountain, CO.  The first FRRC Gymkhana was held on December 7th, 1969!  The original members approached the City of Fountain with a request to use a section of the City's park land for horse activities. The City agreed to lease the land to FRRC. In the early days, the arena fence and lights were made up of vehicles and headlights! With planning and hard work land was cleared and leveled, arena ground was worked up, heavy duty fences were constructed, labor and materials were donated, eventually the clubhouse was built and through it all, the City of Fountain has partnered with the club to provide a PUBLIC arena for anyone to ride in when club events are not being held. 

FRRC is based in Metcalfe Park, located at 704 East Ohio Street in Fountain, Colorado.  As a club, we are dedicated to promoting horseback riding, family fun, and horsemanship in the western way of life. Riding is both a great sport and a great family activity.  All breeds and riding disciplines are welcome!

Our club colors are red, white and blue. 

Come join us! Plenty of bleacher seating is available, so bring your family and friends to watch the fun!

Our objectives (as written in the FRRC By-laws): 

1) To develop and promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among people who are interested in equestrian activities.

2) To encourage, promote, and develop the owning, care, use, handling and development of riding horses.

3) To promote and develop good horsemanship, together with the knowledge and interest in the care, training and breeding of good horses.

4) To promote and encourage the sport, pleasure, exercise and recreation of the members.

5) To encourage socializing and friendship among the members.

6) To manage and conduct entertainments, excursions, contests and social meeting for the members.

Club Meetings

Our club meets at 6:30pm on the first Wednesday of every month during the school year, and at 7:00 during the summer. These general membership meetings are always open to the public and are held at the F.R.R.C. Clubhouse.  Please join us!

Check us out on Facebook!  A great way to meet people and find out more about us! Click here to visit our Facebook page.

Please check our documents page for more information on how events are conducted, and any rules that will apply. If you have questions, give us a call!

2023 Club Officers

President:  Cody Kennedy

Vice President: Hayley Dustrude 

Secretary: Matthew Thompson
Treasurer: Lucky Ekberg

Board Of Directors:

Cindy Weston-Hostettler (past president)
Dana Mcnair (2022 & 2023)

                                        Betina Tacoronte (2023 & 2024)

2023 Committees:


All Breed Horse Show: Chair - Jessica Alt, Lucky Ekberg, Cindy Weston-Hostettler, 

Audit: (2022): 




Contracts:    Board of Directors and Officers            

Fun Days:           

Grievance:  Chair - Hayley Dustrude
Gymkhana:  Chair - Dana McNair, Matthew Thompson, 


Insurance:  Board of Directors and Officers     

Jackpot Barrels:   Chair - Hayley Dustrude



Obstacle Course: Chair(s) - _______________, Betina Tacoronte,


Ranch Rodeo:  Chair - Hayley Dustrude

Royalty:  Chair - Betina Tacorante                   

Rules and Regulations:  Chair - Cindy Weston-Hostettler, Alyssa Cordero, 
Team Roping:  Chair- Cody Kennedy, 

Tractor:  Chair- Lucky Ekberg, 

Trail Rides: 

Website: Cindy Weston-Hostettler

Video Stories

 "Fountain Riding and Roping Club youth gain self confidence from horseback riding" starring our Royalty of 2018 and 2019.  This YouTube interview is by our own Laura Lollar!

"How has horseback riding improved your life?" From 2018, another YouTube interview by Laura Lollar, featuring Anjie and Febi!

Way to go ladies! 
Thank you, Laura for doing such a nice job!  
Our FRRC young ladies hosted "Challenge Christina" of the local CW Channel in July of 2018.
Watch it here!