Fountain Riding and Roping Club

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Ranch Rodeo Competition

 conjunction with the Calhan Livestock Auction Ranch Rodeo Series,
we will be holding a ranch rodeo event. 

 Teams of four (4) cowhands will compete for the best time in a scramble format. 
They will complete a branding, doctoring, penning, and trailer loading
on 4 head of steers in less than TWO MINUTES !!!!

That takes speed and skill.  

This is a fun event to come and watch!

2018 Ranch Rodeo Photos

For 2018, eight local teams competed in a scramble event. Each team had to pen one steer, rope, tie and brand one steer, rope and doctor one steer, and rope and load one steer into the trailer. It was a great time! Thank you to all those REAL working cowboys for exhibiting their skills!