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Speed Points has our newest event:
                                               SADDLE UP! Family Horsemanship Games

We love families and beginners! 

Saddle Up! Family Horsemanship Games is a little bit like a gymkhana, but with some fun changes! We're adding a fun twist of different kinds of horseback games.

 You compete against others in your speed division, not against your age group! Here is where beginners gain confidence, have fun, and earn ribbons! We are laidback, fair to all, comfortable atmosphere, no high-pressure, just FUN!


FRRC's Saddle Up! Event Series is all season long, and club members accrue points for Year-end awards (after meeting club requirements).  This is an OPEN show/event, with an event day office charge of $10.00 for any non-club members who want to participate. Riders can work on improving their skills, training their horses abilities, and of course cheering each other on!
Many of us have personal goals and issues that we work on consistently with our equine partners, and these fun, family events give us a chance to see how our efforts are paying off. 

Points are given to OPEN Division riders in a 5-D scoring system. (Like local barrel races) The difference is that it is divided into divisions, starting with the fastest time then divided by full 3 second splits into
5 divisions (also known as D's). This means that you have more chances to win!

All our Leadline participants
All riders will receive ribbons
 at each event! (if they wish)

                      ALL AROUND
               Championship Award!! 

At the end of the season,
 the club member with
the most total points overall
will receive an overall award:
One award for PeeWee Division,
one award for Youth Division and
one award for Open Division (any age). 
Please note: 
Any unsportsmanship-like conduct and you will forfeit your entry fees and be asked to load your horses and leave the park immediately.  No questions asked.
FRRC's office will be OPEN and entries will be accepted ONE HOUR before
the event starts. 

Office and entries for the day's event WILL CLOSE 15 minutes
event start time.

NO late entries will be accepted.


Click here for FRRC SADDLE UP! Entry Form. You may print and fill out before arriving at the FRRC Arena.  One per RIDER/HORSE ENTRY, per event day.

Click here for FRRC Hold Harmless Waiver.  You may print and fill out before arriving at the FRRC Arena.  One per RIDER.  (Fill out once a year.)

Click here for 2022 Saddle Up! Rules.  Please see the posted rules for 2022.  Call the number on the flyer if you have any questions. Please come out and play with us!

For our first event this year, we did a standard pole pattern "with a twist", one of the poles was shorter, and a plastic cup (given at the entry gate) had to be placed on this short pole as you weaved the pattern.  

We used a 4 barrel pattern to run a "4 leaf clover" pattern for the Barrels class.  Then teamed up for a ribbon race (team event) on the same pattern.

A 75 up and back was used as the base for a "Ring the Cone" challenge.  A large cone was placed on the barrel and the rider was given a Styrofoam ring at the start to place on the cone. 

These are the kinds of games we will be playing at Saddle Up!!